You know what you 'need'
but wonder where to 'find' it?

An ‘external’ perspective will help you to identify new opportunities and to view things from different angles – particularly when a closer look at ‘internal’ approaches to current problems shows that there’s potential for improvement.

Breaking through mental barriers, executing specific strategies and maintaining a clear focus on joint actions are key prerequisites for effective day-to-day operations. I will assist you in achieving them – for instance as an interim executive for a specified period of time who is committed to your success while providing you with high flexibility. 

My value proposition – your benefits:

  • Strong ability to integrate with diverse organizational functions, personal commitment and empathy
  • Respectful and trust-inspiring leadership style including an effective hands-on attitude
  • Cost transparency due to interim management role
  • Elegant, new approaches to resolving even longstanding organisational issues
  • International experience with organisations of various sizes
  • Assistance in answering key questions as a co-executive – from research and workshops through to internal task force activities