Seizing opportunities through change management

The last few months have shown what it means when framework conditions change dramatically. Economic complexity increases as a result, while new opportunities open up at the same time.

“Seizing opportunities through change management” is therefore a promising alternative to the obvious idea of “cutting costs at all costs”.

Therefore: act now to emerge more dynamic and stronger from a phase full of challenges.

This seminar shows you how to take important points of market events for your company by efficiently initiating necessary change processes.

Contents of the seminar Change Management – Changes in the company:

  • Change Management Goals
  • Impact of change management
  • Analysis of existing company structures
  • Change Management objectives
  • Process optimization
  • The Change Management Team
  • Implementation
  • The roles in change processes
  • Reduce resistance to change
  • Involvement of employees

We will be happy to discuss all details such as procedures, schedule, costs, etc. in person.


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