You'd like a straightforward
summary of value
I deliver?

Here are your key benefits once more in a nutshell: 

  • Experienced external view providing new impetus
  • Initial briefing free of charge
  • Current-state analysis with proposals for further action
  • Scouting role in recommending suitable solutions
  • Modular, transparent services with continual, stage-focused progress tracking and assessment
  • Strong ability to integrate with diverse organizational functions, personal commitment and empathy
  • Respectful and trust-inspiring leadership style including an effective hands-on attitude
  • Elegant, new approaches to resolving even longstanding organisational issues
  • International experience with organisations of various sizes

  • Assistance in answering key questions as a co-executive – from research and workshops through to internal task force activities
  • Enhanced engagement of your teams due to a positive workplace climate
  • Fast achievement of your goals due to professional and personality training sessions – from SAP topics to communication and purchasing, and through to intercultural workshops
  • Absolute cost transparency

My services on a regional to international scale:

  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Current-state analysis with strategy proposals
  • Interim and change management
  • Training and coaching